“Flood Resilience Zoning Text Update” presentation given by Melissa Herlitz and Jean You of the NYC DCP on October 30

Over 50 people from across the industry were in attendance on October 30th as Melissa Herlitz and Jean You of the NYC DCP gave a presentation on the “Flood Resilience Zone Text Update.”

According to the FEMA Flood Map – Citywide Flood Risk – New York’s City’s flood risk is high. The floodplain affects a large geography and most community and council districts.

100 Year Floodplain (FEMA 2015 PFIRM)
Population: 400,000
Buildings: 71,500
50 of 59 Community Boards Buildings
45 of 51 Council Districts

Planning a Resilient NYC


Photos from October 30, 2017 Presentation